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Disability Rights

Disability Rights

In truly inclusive democracies, persons with disabilities enjoy human rights on an equal basis with others and fully participate in society. The Open Society Foundations tackle deeply entrenched discriminatory laws, practices, and attitudes that hinder full equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities in their communities.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Investing for Agency: A Discussion with Rich Donovan, Pioneer of Investing in Disability  

Rich Donovan of Return on Disability discusses his work to define and unlock the economic value of the disability market.

Kazakhstan’s “Training Café” Serves Up Inclusion  

The café, staffed entirely by people with disabilities, is part of an effort to move people out of institutions and into the community and the workforce.

For Funders, a Responsible Exit Is an Elusive Ideal

How do foundations decide when a grantee can survive without them?

Slowly but Surely, Armenia’s Schools Embrace Students of All Stripes

In the year since the passage of a law that provides a basis for inclusive education, hundreds of schools in Armenia have become more welcoming to marginalized students.

Why Mothers of Children with Disabilities Are Suddenly Talking in Kyrgyzstan

In a country where disabilities invite stigma and discrimination, a discussion group is starting to change minds—and, possibly, laws.

Film Screening and Discussion: The State of Madness

Lo Stato della Follia (The State of Madness) is a documentary that exposes life within “criminal asylums” in Italy and the deprivation of basic rights for people with mental illness.

Open Society People

Emily Martinez
Director of Human Rights Initiative
Open Society Foundations–Washington, D.C., Human Rights Initiative
Director Mental Health Initiative
Public Health Program, Open Society Institute–Budapest

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