Disability Rights

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Disability Rights

Disability Rights

In truly inclusive democracies, persons with disabilities enjoy human rights on an equal basis with others and fully participate in society. The Open Society Foundations tackle deeply entrenched discriminatory laws, practices, and attitudes that hinder full equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities in their communities.

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Recent Work

The Stabilizing Power of School for Children with Disabilities in Pakistan

Pakistan’s inclusive education programs are still in the pilot stage, but provincial governments hope to scale them up in the coming years.

A Decade of Breakthroughs for Disability Rights  

Ten years ago, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was successfully negotiated by the very people whose lives it would touch.

In Kazakhstan, Having a Disability Often Means Not Getting a Vote

Obstacles as simple as a lack of braille ballots can prevent people from exercising their right to vote.

Zambia Is Pioneering a New Approach to Criminal Justice for People with Disabilities  

Once in the system, people with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities can remain trapped forever. Now, a coalition of advocates is altering the landscape.

Why Inclusive Education Is for All Children, Everywhere

This month, the UN affirmed that inclusive education for all learners at all levels is critical for the development of fair and open societies.

Investing for Agency: A Discussion with Rich Donovan, Pioneer of Investing in Disability  

Rich Donovan of Return on Disability discusses his work to define and unlock the economic value of the disability market.