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The Open Society Foundations seek to combat discrimination by empowering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex communities to promote and defend their human rights.

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Recent Work

African Feminists Mark Women’s Role in Shaping Their Continent’s Future

At an inspiring meeting in Zimbabwe, over 160 women gathered to mark feminism’s leading role in creating a more progressive Africa.

Health Funders and Grantees: Who Sets the Agenda?

Frontline NGOs may not measure their impact in terms of infections averted or treated—yet they have become essential to donors who do.

African Queer Women Find Their Voices Through a Storytelling Project

Open Society Youth Fellow Tiffany Mugo talks about the digital media toolkit she’s developing to help an underrepresented community share its stories.

The Grim Numbers and Human Cost of Violence against Trans People

This year, 271 murdered trans and gender-diverse people will be added to the list of those honored on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Briefing Paper
License to Be Yourself: Trans Children and Youth

Most countries do not legally recognize the affirmed genders of trans youth. This means trans youth have no formal documents that support their identity, exposing them to exclusion, discrimination, and abuse.

Briefing Paper
License to Be Yourself: Forced Sterilization

Most countries either do not legally recognize a trans person’s gender identity, or require sterilizing procedures to do so. This forces trans people to choose between recognition and medical treatments they do not desire.