Media Freedom

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Media Freedom

Media Freedom

The Open Society Foundations promote independent media and professional, quality journalism, especially in countries undergoing a process of democratization.

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Recent Work

Nepali and Colombian Journalists Join Forces to Protect Their Peers

Colombia has made strides in protecting journalists from physical attacks. Now, a group of Nepali journalists is working to apply some of these methods in a different context.

Keeping the Internet Open for All in Pakistan  

Internet censorship in Pakistan is reaching new heights, threatening freedom of expression and the right to privacy.

Why Breaking the Silence Needs the Right to Keep Silent

An Israeli rights group used testimony from soldiers to bring to light abuses in Gaza and the occupied West Bank; now it is under legal pressure to expose its sources.

Book Launch—Five Ideas to Fight For: How Our Freedom Is Under Threat and Why It Matters    
Leading human rights lawyer Anthony Lester discusses his new book, which presents a powerful account of what’s needed to protect our hard-won rights and freedoms.
In the EU, Media Portrayals of Ukraine Reveal Europe’s Own Self-Interests

Depictions of the crisis are often shaped by attitudes that have little to do with Ukraine itself.

Journalists in Pakistan Unite to Fight Violence Against Media

In a country where violence against media is common, an initiative is creating a united front—and a sense that an attack on one media outlet is an attack on them all.