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The Report on CIA Torture Confirms Our Worst Fears

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Watch the video above to learn how today’s Senate report on CIA interrogation techniques was made public through a bipartisan effort.

Today’s release of the report on torture [PDF] marks an important milestone. The details that the Senate Intelligence Committee have assembled will finally allow our country to come to terms with what happened.

The American people need to know what was done in their name. The litany of horrific interrogation techniques detailed in the report—including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and forcing prisoners to stand shackled for hours on end—should help persuade those who still wish to deny that torture was conducted so that we can make sure this never happens again.

There was never a guarantee that this report would see the light of day. I admire the determination of those who pushed for the release of the committee’s executive summary on CIA interrogation and detention. It was not an easy task.

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