The Report on CIA Torture Confirms Our Worst Fears

Watch the video above to learn how today’s Senate report on CIA interrogation techniques was made public through a bipartisan effort.

Today’s release of the report on torture [PDF] marks an important milestone. The details that the Senate Intelligence Committee have assembled will finally allow our country to come to terms with what happened.

The American people need to know what was done in their name. The litany of horrific interrogation techniques detailed in the report—including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and forcing prisoners to stand shackled for hours on end—should help persuade those who still wish to deny that torture was conducted so that we can make sure this never happens again.

There was never a guarantee that this report would see the light of day. I admire the determination of those who pushed for the release of the committee’s executive summary on CIA interrogation and detention. It was not an easy task.

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The real problem is that subversion has been embedded in US foreign policy since 1945. Clandestine operations (which undoubtedly included murder and torture) long predate 9/11, which merely "legitimized" what was already going on. Owning up to torture since 9/11 is the tip of an iceberg that US politicians and US society need to see in its awful and grim complexity if there is to be any hope of a moral transformation that might prevent such things happening again. As for prosecuting - or at least naming and shaming - those responsible...

refer torturers in chief to international criminal court. abide by international and u.s. law

Pressure must now be applied for the US legal system to assert its authority and require legal accountability for the actions described in this report--actions that are clearly illegal in US and international law.

Thank you for helping to publicize this report and demand action and accountability. The use of torture by the US government or under its auspices should never happen again!

I have two sons who served in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. I've know for a decade of the atrocities being committed by our government overseas and at the prisons holding political prisoners. I am sick at heart about what we have always know, American values are now the values of Nazi Germany, anything goes, as long as those in power get their way. I am disgusted and ashamed to be an American. Please add my name to the list protesting the abuses of power and I hope more Americans get informed. Perhaps the release of this report will broaden our awareness of how far right and down our country has allowed itself to be led.

Peter Fritsch
Writer, priest and teacher

It is particularly deplorable that some of these actions were perpetrated on the territory of Poland which slavishly followed suit the misguided and criminal US policy.

Yes, and I as a British citizen want to know the precise involvement of the United Kingdom in all this.

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Two years ago, an "international tribunal" was held in Malaysia that issued convictions for war crimes: In today's NY Times, the ACLU head penned this op ed: The ACLU is calling for the Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor:

I vehemently disagree on the release of this document for many reasons for which there is not enough space to document .Intelligencei
info should by nature be secretive and not for
Public display etc etc etc Remember in times
Of war (9/11tragedy) any things goes when we are threatened and attacked and waterboarding Was declared LEGAL by lawyers in the justice dept. Other countries follow similar tactics

C.I.A.has overgrown itself It should be closed down

I have served in corrections for 35 years.I know what torture and what are UN covenants.

It is good that the American people now know, to some extent, what has and may be still happening in various forms. What will our ultimate response be? Is the United States on its way into International Court at the Hague ? Will more war crimes be uncovered in the upcoming days and accountability be placed where it needs to be ? Have we as Americans woken-up yet to take action or are we still in denial? This report definitely helps Americans understand why America may be hated. May the American people rise, and admit wrong doing, and let correction and justice roll within and outside its borders.

It sickens me that the American Psychological Association even considered that "enhanced techniques" were acceptable!

Americans are deeply offended by today's report from the Senate Intelligence Committee. We expected so much more from a secret organization of professional liars, thieves, and assassins. Who could have expected this ugly stain on our national honor? We are all justifiably disappointed.

Believable. ALAS!

I am British and I want to know the extent of the United Kingdom's involvement in torture, whether active or complicit by inactivity. Read the book by Philippe Sands entitled Torture Team for the story of how the laws were changed in America to enable torture.

First the US has to become a member of International Criminal Court (needs ratification by the senate) Clinton Signed it but Bush unsigned it and it never went to the Senate. The only way we could stop torture and other kinds of inhuman behavior is to hold the leaderships (secretary of defense Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Bush and a host of others who are leading military and finally the executioners accountable. The only way to do so is to join ICC. This should be down through a general referendum and not be left to politician. This way the people will decide not the politicians.

These torture situations are nothing new for those of us who know Latin American politics. What is it in the heart of people who let them do these things to another. We will only find our greatest selves when we stop meeting violence with more violence. We know this, we just can't seem to act on it.

This is just a tip of the iceberg. Who knows how many murders and tortures around the world that the CIA had done and is still doing in the name of US security and interest?

I run a tiny publishing company, Alondra Press, LLC. We have published about 15 titles since our inception in 2007, and it would give me deep satisfaction to publish, at my own expense, anything related to this matter of torture and murder in the name of democracy by the CIA.

I never had a doubt since it was during thr Cheny/Bush dictatorship. Just how many truths have either ever spoken?

We need to try perpetrators in international court. Doing so would set a precedent for trying members of strong countries, and it would tell the world that this is not how we intend to conduct ourselves in this country.

The American people must hold their government and their country to account for their actions and inactions, and prove themselves to be true supporters of democracy, human rights and justice.

And where are these perpertrators of this torture, where do they now work, who are they"governing", in charge of. Please halt this psychopathis behaviour.

It is unimaginable,really fuels the hatred on AMERICA by the rest of the world, why do they wanted it


A grim and deplorable expose indeed. So what moral justification does America have to accuse African despots of being crude and undemocratic? My fear is that the International Criminal Court might not be able to serve true justice to the victims eventually, more so that the ICC is known to be responding to the pushes and dictations of the American government...

Thank you very much for publicising this report it is so much touching at heart.Nevertheless we have experienced so many atrocities by security agencies and I for one have fallen a victim of Torture but Our Governments Deprive the right of say and no compesation at all.Well done the Open Society Foudation

It is highly commendable that this report, involving the ubiquitous CIA, saw the light of the day. This revelation buttresses the fact that no one country or institution is perfect but must continue to strive to respect human dignity. Lesson: The yardstick used to condemn and vilify Third World guilty nations for Human Rights Violations is equally applicable.

Yes, there were a large number of countries who hosted CIA prisons and many others that facilitated CIA torture and therefore share the responsibility for what has happened. Accountability and lessons learnt needs to go far wider than the US. It is good to see however that there are many countries that chose not to collaborate.


The tortures have been a tool of applying the decided from previously Policies. They habe been done in tha name of ''Liberty'' or ''Protection of Democracy''. Nothing is really good if it has not been done properly with respect to Human Laws and Dignity. The purpose can not excuse the used means / methods, we have to implement Democratic procedures in every step and moment.Agencies like C.I.A. globally manipulate people in such painful ways. And as the interest of people is not focused on these practices, the impatient and ill minds will destroy lives and personalities.

Is there any way this can be extended to cover the part played by Tony Blair and the UK government in these atrocities? They shouldn't be allowed to get off scot-free, just because they consider themselves to have been on the "winning" side.

Does not behold well to US being the great champion of human rights and advocate of Democracy

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it."
Well said; Now: how about the Left supporting the atrocious North Viet-Nam, Mao, Castro regime, PLO and Hamas. How about Obama's infatuation with Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt. How about all the current administration's lies and cover-ups, didn't see any Leftniks protesting in front of WH or at least typing away indignant comments. Massacre of Christians? *Silence*. Hijinks of Russia in East Ukraine? *Silence* Benghazi, Fast'n'Furious, IRS, NSA? *Silence 'n' crickets chirping* Opportunity to blame America (CIA repport)? YESSS!!! NAZI FASCISTS HOW COULD THEY!!! BAD BAD AMERICA!!!

Now, would a single American life saved as a result of all torturing of all terrorists be worth in the Leftists' eyes to be saved?

Absolute shame a country of rule of laws operated with impunity in name of security disregarding any human rights and conventions .

Along with all the Americans who caused these human tragedies, don't forget the role that British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, played in this drama. He was one of the foot soldiers who directly or indirectly promoted this mess on these people. Don't forget the war caused to those people as well. Someone must be accountable for these crimes against humanity.

This evil must be stopped at all cost. All over the world society wIll be torn apart by this rendition program and dark dealings off governments and the CIA ( USA government ).

Unfortunately most Americans seem to not know and/or not care that torture is a crime against humanity under international law and American law ie. Convention Against Torture, Federal Torture Act, and the 8th ammendment of the U.S Constitution.

Our world has become an evil place. Evil don't lIke the lIght so lets expose It. The CIA is one of the biggest terrorists organization in the world.

At last the cruelty has been revealed... We all must help to stop this horrible act of violence...

this world is a very ruthless world. its either you or the other side. you torture, they torture. the difference is they torture with impunity. they dont care about world opinion. when terrorism knocks on your doorstep, what would you do? extend your neck and let them do the chopping or chop them first.

Why don't you direct/send your commends to the Jihadists and or the ISIS if you think, they have done wrong in the gist of protecting the interest of the state/s. Do you want your country vulnerable to terrorists.

At least we don't chop the heads off of prisoners. Hate only brings more hate. I'm not sure how to fix this problem. I can only continue to pray for our country and try to stay informed. I know your facing a battle that I'm not sure can be won.

Crimes against humanity? Violation of the 8th amendment? An American embarrassment? Are we forgetting the very reason for these tactics? I see no one mentioning the decapitation of people, the massive killing of women and children, the use of people as weapons of war and defense barriers. I dislike the idea of torture and do not profess its use. Sometimes the rules of a civilized Army are changed by the circumstances involved and need to protect the masses. War changes the human psychology, revenge over rules reasoning and justification, desperation creates conditions for desperate acts and the degradation of the human instinct reduces our sensitivity. Passing laws and reinforcing the old ones will not stop the use of torture until groups like the Taliban and ISIS stop kidnapping children, raping women as a military strategy, beheading innocent civilians, using naive people as suicide bombers, genocide, and the threat of attacking others. To think otherwise is nothing more than dream.

You are absolutely correct. The tactics used were "torture" in it's mildest form. And an embarrassment for the US. But certainly nothing compared to the way people in Iran, and in fact any country ruled by Sharia lives on a daily basis...out in the open. If anyone one of those individuals knew of any intent to attack masses then the methods invoked were warranted. In the future charge them with the crime of terrorism, assign them a lawyer and proceed. That was the charges and no lawyers.

I would put it this way: "The tactics used were torture in it's 'mildest' form" Would you find these "mildest" tactics painless if used on yourself? I would also remind you, lady, (if you deserve that form of address) that these "tactics" - often called "procedures" and "techniques", are used as officially-sanctioned punishment even by (mostly) white Uhmerukn "correctional officers" for the most measly acts generally warranting 40 years ago nothing more than a verbal reprimand.
You're right about Iran and other more extreme countries. But does that mean that because Iran, whether under the Shah, or the Islamists, uses some of the most horrendous forms of torture, that it's perfectly acceptable for the "Good Ol' USA", claiming to be the fairest country in the world, to use less vicious means,
but torture nonetheless?
Finally, "If anyone one of those individuals knew of any intent to attack masses then the methods invoked were warranted" is a big "if". So you torture all those caught up in the dragnet in Afghanistan just IN CASE you get that "one" who knows something. And if you bothered to read admissions and confessions from those administering matters in "Gitmo", you'd find out that the powers that be made many mistakes against those in their charge, in that far more that 50 % of the prisoners were and are innocent of any knowledge to do harm to "masses". BTW, did you know that many of those "trained" to "torture" could barely scrape out of 12th Grade? Of course, Virginia, that's today's Uhmerukn Way, now, particularly if you're from the Deep White South ... and Virginia, it looks like there really is NO Santa Claus ... anymore ...

"OUR" worst fears? Is George Soros a muslim jihadist, extremist, fundamentalist, terrorist? Unless they can show that a non terrorist US citizen was deprived of sleep, then "WE" have nothing to fear.

Hold Bush and Blair Responsible as they were the commander in chiefs,at the time .


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