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Open Society Fellows: Fall 2013

The Open Society Fellowship has selected three new fellows, who will begin their terms in late 2013 and 2014. They are:

Madawi al-Rasheed: Divine Politics: Mutations of Saudi Islamists

al-Rasheed, a social anthropologist, will look at whether young, middle-class, Saudi Islamists can contribute to democratization in the Kingdom and elsewhere in the Arab region.

Jennifer Gordon: Regulating Global Labor Supply Chains

Gordon, a law professor and activist, will address the substantial harms that global labor recruitment and subcontracting pose to workers’ rights, transparency, and democracy in an open society.

Timothy A. Wise: The Maize Trail: New Perspectives on the Global Food Crisis

Wise looks at the connections linking food, fuel, and financial markets in the context of a changing climate, by tracking the trade in maize from the United States to developing countries in Africa and Latin America.

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