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Sex Work and Trafficking: A Donor-Activist Dialogue on Rights and Funding

The Sexual Health and Rights Project collaborated with the Network of Sex Work Projects and Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action to organize a "Donor-Activist Dialogue on Sex Work and Trafficking." The event brought together 35 donors, researchers, anti-trafficking activists, and sex worker rights activists from around the world to exchange views and generate ideas on supporting sex worker rights within anti-trafficking frameworks.

The last decade has seen increased global attention and resources allocated to combating trafficking in persons, particularly into the sex sector. Debates continue on whether many of the anti-trafficking policies and programs being promoted are an effective response for trafficking victims, and the extent of the intended and unintended consequences of these measures on sex workers. The Donor-Activist Dialogue addressed how anti-trafficking policies that rely on the criminalization of prostitution impact the rights and health of sex workers.

The event report—available for download—summarizes the presentations, discussions, and recommendations made at the event.

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