A Chance to Make Ukraine Europe’s Next Success Story

Europe needs a success story. It has a chance with Ukraine, where two years ago, the people rejected injustice and demanded dignity as waves of demonstrations swept the country, inspiring the Euromaidan revolution.

That event was a stark rebuke to the previous regime, which existed chiefly to serve the interests of oligarchs. The new Ukraine is focused on combating corruption, establishing public institutions that serve the people instead of exploiting them, strengthening media independence, and creating an honest and competent judiciary. These efforts require deep reforms and steadfast persistence. Through the work of the International Renaissance Foundation and many of my own visits to Ukraine, I have seen firsthand the progress achieved to date.

But I am also realistic about the profound challenges that remain. The country has been at war with Russia and under tremendous economic pressure. An erosion of the gains achieved over the last two years would be a blow not just to the people of Ukraine, but to the European project as a whole.

Other crises—terrorist attacks, the refugee influx—have diverted the attention of Europe from Ukraine. This is understandable, and my Open Society Foundations are deeply engaged in these issues. But the new Ukraine is at a critical juncture, and right now it needs all the support it can get to maintain its moral and political integrity.

The Euromaidan instilled a renewed spirit of cooperation and solidarity in Ukraine. But that event was just the first step in the much longer process of building a nation. Transformations such as these require unity in times of crisis as well as times of calm. The chance to make Ukraine Europe’s next success story is now. It won’t be easy.

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Without assistance with the psychological traumas, no effort will succeed. Because of the holding in of such traumas and the transgenerational transmission of them, if nothing - or too little, as has been seen in the Balkans and elsewhere - is done, the tragedies will repeat themselves. Thus, action to deal with trauma over the long-term must be included in any plan for social reconstruction, which is the aim expressed in the video.

I share your opinion.

Dear All, and in particular Mr. George Soros,

I have followed your efforts for many years, and commend you and your staff, for the continual efforts and resulting positive results, through out the east that started within the states of the former USSR.

The current reportage upon the opportunities that are presented for Ukraine, is what the peoples' of UKR truly needs, to provide not only hope, but also success!

May it also be read by the Eurocrats, and those in the USA et al.

I proffer the tip of my Borsalino to you Mr. Soros!

All the best wishes,


I am teacher from Albania.(Now a full time mother in London).I really appreciate the work of the author George Soros.I have work as a teacher in Albania from author's books.
And about the context above ,i think :Everyone was born to be free in every prizm of life and should taste all the sharpnest of life but not to dismiss everything .He needs to see the sky as it is .

for some years I've been working on a photography project anchored in Ukraine - taking its point of departure from my family history from Czernowitz/Czernivtsi as survivors of the Holocaust, and growing to encompass the collective history and struggles of the region. I will be going again in the latter part of October 2016.

Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for the initiative you have taken on behalf of the Ukraine. The Soros Foundation's work in that part of our world is critical!

Another crucial area for regional peacemaking is Cyprus. Please support the work of the Cyprus Friendship Program.org that promotes peace and understanding in Cyprus by bringing together teens from Greek and Turkish speaking Cypriot families through cultural exchange programs.

I want to work for ukraine revival plan but i dont know how.

Ukraine is on the right path, successes and improvements don't come easily. With the people themselves standing up for their country and serving their country- that's a good sign. With time and with said efforts, they will get there. Best wishes Ukraine.

I see more negative than positive developments in Ukraine. Even more corruption in the many areas.

Therefore I decided to stop my support for the the previsible future.

I have considered Ukraine to be a dysfunctional state virtually since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Although,I remain sceptical I am much encouraged by these remarks from Open Society. Continued progress requires significant changes by the west in its policy towards both Russia and Ukraine and a much better understanding of the needs of both sided.

السلام عليك السيد جورج سورس
نشكرك على كل مجهوداتك فى عمل الخير فى جميع انحاء العالم
نتمنى لك التوفيق ... كما نتطلع التعاون معكم فى عمل الخير فى السودان اذا كان لديكم برنامج مخترح نأمل ذالك
ولكم الشكر
مصطفى بكراوى
مفوضيه العون الانسانى
عرب كردفان السودان

Ukraine indeed can be Europe's next success but only if civil society remains a potent force. It has shown it can rise to the occasion in crisis situations, but it is a huge challenge to maintain a high level of people's engagement to break through the rotted, corrupt governance system and at the same time counter Russian aggression. In this the people of Ukraine will need continued support from the outside. Countries that stand for freedom, human dignity, and democracy need to continue to pressure Ukraine's government to clean up their act and continue to counter Putin's autocratic neo-imperialism. Once Ukraine gets over the hurdle, its contribution to a Europe whole and free will be really tremendous. Congratulations and thanks to OSF for its long-term engagement with Ukraine. May many others follow suit.

This is an important issue to me .they need our support and a chance to move open society's values ahead

Thanks for Informations!

Courage, Blessings and compassion in your aspirations and challenges ahead

I was blown away on recent visit by the Ukraine people.. ordinary people. Given a chance I believe Ukraine has a great future.It shares many of the same issues as my own country South Africa and our democracies are a similar age . Corruption is a big issue

Ukraine will need the support of Europe as well as the US in order to prevent another major confrontation with Putin who is struggling for his own political survival and to prevent the crash of the Russian economy.

Corruption exists in every country,to a greater or lesser degree, in various forms. In Ukraine corruption did not just exist. Corruption effectively ran the whole country. That is why I personally believe that the rooting out of corruption( Economic,Administrative,Judicial ) is the most important task of the ordinary Ukrainian people and they must keep up a relentless pressure on their elected representatives until Ukraine is free of this cancer.

Establishing rule of law and an independent judiciary is the key to integrating Ukraine into European and North American societies. To this end, rooting out the metastasis of corruption will make or break the process.
I am confident that Ukraine's youth are playing a critical role in the evolution of Ukraine as a good and prosperous member of the world community.

i appreciate the efforts of OSF in highlighting the precarious as well as odd situation Ukraine is in right now. off course the people of this unfortunate country need to be pulled out off the crisis. European union has its own problems, the whole world need to stand up and collaborate to clear the mess..... GOOD JOB BY OSF.

Europe’s Next Success Story !?!?!?
and which was last success ?

Europe has no one success story

Crimea does not belong to the new fascist state of Ukraine. That is good, is it not?

Bunch of liars and money grabbing oportunists.Instead of strong trade with Russia,you burned the bridges.USRAEL do not care about ordinary Ukrainian people,these congress funded NGOs only care about weakening Russia on its western border.Its all about Syria,oil founded there,oil ang gas pipelines in middle east....These leaders in Kiev are most corrupted ever,even stealing money from IMF loans...and they sell Ukraine piece by piece..Nobody woukd buy Ukrainian good in EU...,only raw materials are sold now.Ukraine bankrupt already ,after a year and half from US EU sponsor cout d eta....new millions econimic refugees flood to EU....from UA is coming?..could be.-((

Thank you, Mr.soros, for your efforts and support of Ukraine's effort to break free of Soviet dominance. We must follow this movement and monitor Putin's scheming! As for corruption, no sanctimony is justified on the part of U.S.--it being present at all levels here!! Onward to independence!

Some generations will need to pass to see the Ukraine transformation .The corruption is so based on Ukrainian society that it wont be aeasy to stop it.....
The kids now in Ukraine will have the possibilty to live in an ordinary European country integrated it in the EU ,but meanwhile is going to be hard .The people who started Euromaidan ...I amafraid they wont see the real changes in Ukraine.This cancer of corruption is very deeply in the roots of the ukrainian politicians

There is a great comment from the recent visit of Polish government officials to Kyiv that Ukraine looks like Poland did about 15 years ago. Not only does Ukraine need to address it's corruption and economy to survive, a financially and democratically strong and open Ukraine is the most significant threat to Putin's dictatorship-with-veneer-of-elections in Russia. Let Ukraine be that bright and shining beacon on the hill to the Russian people. Slava Ukraina!

Who would invest into Ukraine?
It is widely known to be the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN EUROPE.
- Alliant Techsystems invested $20,000,000 there and
was thrown out - 400 Ukrainians lost their jobs.
- The Swiss invested millions into the Londonskaya
Hotel in Odessa and they were thrown out - 200
Ukrainians lost their jobs.
- We had over 70 employees in our business - Had our
building stolen and great Ukrainians lost their jobs.
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You're not alone beside turkey ukraine

I have been a clinical legal educator in several Eastern European Countries (Russia,Georgia, Albania, Poland) and hope to work in Ukraine pro bono or with some support in assisting hard working lawyers and teachers in the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation in training future lawyers and judges by instilling an ethic of public interest in the profession. One important legacy to begin. The ULAF is committed to change and does so much with so little. I expect to learn a great deal. Efforts by the Open Society assist in what will be a long hard fight.

We of Operation U believe that we are able to achieve change and make Ukraine seen again as the bread basket of Europe. As a Open Group we are looking for people who are willing to think about possibilities and on how to build, educate and innovate the community and giving the ukrainians to be once again proud of their culture, values and heritage. We are still looking for great thinkers and dreamers who would think with us and help us raise the funds to develop programs.

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