A Worldwide Movement for Domestic Workers

Despite the profession’s growing ranks, millions of domestic workers—80 percent of whom are women—remain impoverished and exploited. In many countries, in fact, legal norms don’t provide domestic workers with the same rights and protections that other workers already enjoy.

Thankfully, more domestic workers than ever—including people like Phobsuk “Dang” Gasing, a Thai domestic worker and union leader in Hong Kong, who is featured in this video—are coming together and forming unions. 

It’s a global movement, too: Gasing’s union is part of the International Domestic Workers Federation, a collective which boasts more than 500,000 members in 54 countries. The federation has helped ratify international labor standards for domestic workers in more than 28 countries.

More work remains to be done, of course. But as Gasing’s story—and the stories of countless domestic workers throughout the world—can attest, this rising movement is a global force that cannot be dismissed.

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Its sad to know that these groups usually being treated badly - eg salary not been paid promptly especially cleaners or worse toilet cleaners (maybe they classified this group as worse among all the cleaners). Mind you, toilet cleaners should be respected at all time as the clean your shit. !

I am from Papua New Guinea and Human Rights Defender who is struggling to address issues on mistreatment and abuses at work places.
Please put me in your mailing list and I want to know and participate at the international level. thanks and greetings from PNG

How do I join this federation and take part in its activities

I am from Indonesia. My country has more than 6 Mio migrant worker, where majority of them are working as domestic worker. We have to face lots of related to domestic workers abroad. We all need to work together to protect domestic workers, since they work in the very private place and enlarge the risk of facing abuse.

Apprcatable efforts we will sipport you. But we need your assisats to creat or establish a movement for consume rights.


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