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Open Society Stands with Ukraine amid Russian Invasion

NEW YORK—The movement of the armed forces of the Russian Federation across the Ukrainian border in Donbas following illegal recognition of separatist republics in Donetsk and Luhansk is a clear act of military aggression against a sovereign and democratic state in Europe. The invasion threatens peace across the region; it is likely to set in motion a humanitarian and economic disaster affecting not only Ukraine and the surrounding regions, but the world, and threatens the fundamental principles that underpin international relations and rule of law.

The invasion demands an immediate and robust response from the international community aimed at securing an immediate withdrawal of all Russian forces from the territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s people should decide whom they ally with, what principles they uphold, and what alliances they form. The government of Ukraine does not present any military threat to Russia, which manufactured this crisis to deprive Ukraine of its right to self-determination and to undermine European security and solidarity.

The world must take a united stand in ensuring diplomatic and economic costs if Russia continues its current course, while at the same time increasing support to Ukraine’s democratic institutions, civil society, and independent media.

Open Society proudly stands with the people of Ukraine and with its Kyiv-based International Renaissance Foundation which has been working with partners to support democracy and good governance in Ukraine since 1990. In recent years, this has included efforts to mitigate the harm caused by the ongoing conflict in Donbas, and Russia’s illegal occupation and annexation of Crimea in 2014.

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