Why Europe Must Embrace Its Refugees

There is a striking contrast between Europe’s legacy of providing protection to victims of past conflicts and its treatment of the asylum seekers reaching its shores today.

My own story is one of surviving Nazi occupation and fleeing communist-dominated Hungary in 1947 to be welcomed in England. I was given an opportunity to start a new life. And I was treated with respect and kindness, for which I am grateful.

I was one of millions in Europe who fled their homes after World War II. Following that humanitarian crisis, Europe adopted the Refugee Convention in 1951. This policy became its moral and operational backbone for decades, and it was tested soon after it was adopted, when more than 200,000 fled Hungary after the 1956 Soviet invasion. The same happened a decade later, after Soviet troops invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968. During Yugoslavia’s civil war in the 1990s, almost four million people were displaced. Each time, European states stepped in to help.

Today, victims fleeing civil war in Syria and brutal government repression in countries like Eritrea are not being shown the same consideration.

The European Union was conceived as an instrument of solidarity and cooperation. The plight of asylum seekers today exposes how these values are being eroded. By failing to help the refugees, this political union that I believed to be the embodiment of an open society is failing before our very eyes.

The lack of a unified European policy towards asylum and migration has allowed member states to act selfishly and irresponsibly. Frontline countries like Greece and Italy are neglecting to provide adequate reception and asylum processing, while others, like Hungary, are sealing their borders to keep out those in need.

The chaos created by this lack of coordination has made the influx of refugees seem like an intractable problem. It has precipitated panic and steered public opinion against the refugees — so much so that we risk forgetting that the refugees are the victims here. The EU needs to accept responsibility for the political crisis caused by the lack of a common policy and vision.

The current patchwork of 28 separate asylum systems does not work — it produces inconsistent results in determining who qualifies for asylum and who does not. To respond to the crisis, Europe needs a fair and comprehensive plan. It’s time for the EU to bring back the generous, collective spirit it was founded upon — one that reflects the European values set forth over half a century ago.

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I was working with refugees as an evangelist. I heard a lot of terrible story's. I pray to God that this situation will stop in the world and I hope that Jesus will come back soon. Pray for the refugees every day if you can.

Soros may see the world from one point of view but he has to see more open without being in left camp but neutral... It seems Europe is experiencing same crisis that was before nazis came to power to stop the spread of communist camp in Europe. Now it's is the flux of emigrants which will create a country reaction or opposition...of the natives against the foreigners. This is to dangerous and it will bring wars,chaos,destruction and new tragedies in Europe. It was better to spend the money to fix rebuild the nations and stop their wars....and not destroy others too which are built and have no war. It looks like after the destruction of Europe nations there will spread the wars in other nations now in economic crisis too. So all will be refuges and no where to go...Destruction of the nation's is spreading everywhere

Wow! Soros makes post-war Europe sound like a paradise for refugees. Tell that to my father, z'l, who languished in a DP camp in Germany for a decade after the war, or to his siblings who did the same. Tell that to the millions of Jews who had no homes or countries to return to, anywhere on the Continent. Tell that especially to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust who saw their tormentors--whether German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, etc., live in the countries of their citizenship, post-war, in spite of their crimes of complicity or back-turning. It's a fantasy to suggest that Europe rolled out its welcome mat to refugees in post-war Europe. But it seems to be a fantasy Soros has to peddle to convince Europe to open widest its borders today. Good luck with that, with integrating millions who bring tribal--not democratic or societal--loyalties with them. I hope it works, but I'm doubtful. And economic migrants are not the same as refugees, which folks are conveniently ignoring, lumping everyone poring into Europe into the same category.

"Tell that to the millions of Jews who had no homes or countries to return to, anywhere on the Continent. Tell that especially to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust who saw their tormentors--whether German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, etc., live in the countries of their citizenship, post-war, in spite of their crimes of complicity or back-turning."

But as a victim of the holocaust, Soros experienced all of those things.

This video made my evening because I am refugee two and I know how important is that those who are not refugee to hear our voice but I wish they will never feel our pain.

Have you any idea of the consequences of this mass-migration will have on Europe? Both economic and social and other?
We have no duty to flood our nations with economic migrants and refugees. It doesn't matter what Soros or the EU tries to make us believe. We can help some real refugees but not even close to all. Why doesn't George Soros try to pressure Saudi Arabia for example
to accept migrants? One of the richest nations on earth and they're right next to Iraq and Syria.

First of all if you care so much about refugees need to stop the wars that creates your country (USA) and to stop funding or arming jihadists and radical Islamists your friendly countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel etc.You will not manage to create a blow to Europe with the influx of millions of Muslim immigrants. Europe has values, it has traditions. It will never become a patchwork of people who are divided into slaves, masters, consumers. European people are not a mindless mass. Αlready has a good level of solidarity and hospitality towards migrants and refugees. Especially if you compare it to the rich countries of the Middle East.
Finally,only if you accommodate immigrants in your luxury villas, I can accept that you really care!!!

We are faced with a choice; do we see these displaced persons; families; women, children, young (and old) men, as a threat to our lifestyle? Or as an opportunity to define the values which will make our collective future safe and peaceful; with respect and compassion? Our lifestyle today is the result of decades of plundering in less "developed" countries, and the resource wars we wage in the name of infinite growth. Let's show that we can change, taking responsibility for past errors and embarking on a new green economy together.

Hungary's Viktor Orban gets it right from two crucial perspectives:

The situation for migrants/refugees is very different now to what it was half a century ago. Germany and Sweden, the two most prized destinations for this new category of Middle-Eastern migrants, provide generous welfare incentives to people claiming refugee status. These generous welfare incentives raise the question... are these people oppressed refugees fleeing persecution, or opportunistic migrants making lifestyle choices? In view of the absence of evidence either way, a nation does have a right to exercise that interpretation that it believes most likely to hold true. And the assumption of opportunistic migrants making lifestyle choices, under false pretences, is not unreasonable. The availability of generous welfare handouts is problematic for this reason, and there is only one way to test for this... eliminate generous handouts and replace them with essential accommodation and sustenance allowances (food vouchers, etc), and then observe whether this impacts on migrant flows.

The second situation relates to consistency of belief and hypocrisy. How does a country purporting to uphold human rights treat its own? Are we familiar with the now routine human rights and due process violations against men in different countries that masquerade as democracies? For example, the Family Courts, and the "equal opportunity (outcome)" programs that must necessarily bias against men in order to achieve equal outcome (as opposed to equal opportunity) for women. How many of these said "democracies" care that men's suicide rates are generally more than four times the rates of women? Are we familiar with the domestic violence industry that peddles the myth of female victimhood while ignoring the human rights of abused men and... more importantly... abused children (women are the primary abusers of children - Child Maltreatment reports from the US Department of Health)? Are we familiar with the outrageous biases against men in law and in the workplace, that has been precipitated by the most egregiously, nakedly sexist phenomenon, perhaps throughout human history? And why do these female-favouring western-liberal initiatives focus solely on outlawing Female Genital Mutilation, while embarking on crusades in foreign countries, like Africa, to implement Male Genital Mutilation programs to circumcize African men? The cognitive dissonance escapes them. There has never been men's sexism against women mobilized in a movement like there has women's sexism against men mobilized in feminism. What we are bearing witness to is the peculiar, hypocritical trend in western "democracies" to regard human rights as only applicable to women. In this context, chastising others about alleged human rights violations against alien invaders seems misplaced and out of proportion.

George Soros is wagging his finger at the purported, unproven human rights violations of mostly lifestyle migrants masquerading as refugees while ignoring the bigotry of the liberalism that trashes the human rights of men... the liberalism for which he stands. Given the appalling manner in which our "liberal democracies" now treat men and children in their supplicating favoritism of women, NONE of these hypocrite nations have any business wagging their finger at those nations who have genuine grounds to be concerned about opportunistic migrants pursuing lifestyle choices.

"Hungary's Viktor Orban gets it right from two crucial perspectives:"

Some would argue that Orban's interest is only power and money.

We should stop living in fear ! Changes have happened ever since the world began and something good always stems from changes that are welcomed and embraced with creativity and open minds. Good old Europe suffers from sclerosis and it should be time for everyone to wake up and contribute to a new kind of life ! Refugees certainly don't threaten our lives. Let them work and contribute to our collective renewal and we shall all be winners.

"Good old Europe suffers from sclerosis." The creativity and Nobel Prizes that come out of the universities of England alone do not smack of sclerosis. You are talking twaddle.

'We should stop living the fear.' You obviously live somewhere nice and safe and do not have children. I am sick of being told what we should and should not be feeling.

I am afraid Anton Kasa has a reasonable concern about the influx of refugees in Europe. Why do they want to come to Europe and not go to other muslim countries in the Middle East that have the same religion? Because first of all Saudi Arabia that is rich does not want them and secondly and mosti importantly Europe is the most civilized and safe area in t he world with no religious fanaticism and barbarism and no racist distincions for the most part. They want to have a safe and civilized life and escape from the destructions and the civil wars and barbaric killings beheadings stonings etc that take place in some of these places. Nobody blames them, but the question is can Europe absorb and assimilate so many people at the same time and give them shelter and food and jobs when already Europe, at least parts of it are in an economic crisis of their own llike Greece for ex.? It would be better if the international civilized community tried to stop the civil wars in the Middle East and try to rebuild these countries that once were prosperous like Syria...but it is a very difficult and complicated task and the Americans donn't want to be involved on the ground again after their failure to bring peace and Democracy into Iraq and into Afghanistan where they wer blamed for invading so why shoult they risk the lives of American young soldiere into a foreign country again and then be blamed by the world at large yet again????

It is really nice touching video, well we all have sympathy to the refugees ; It is time that changes every thing , along with human error in the political decision of aggressiveness.
Yesterday they moves, tomorrow who moves ? May be we?
Always give hand to the poor and needy.
Cause for the creation of more refugees are of geopolitical interest of some countries and thirst for the conquering. WHO SUFFER ?
Remember we all are from single seed.
We fight among us for what ?
Where do we reach.... Finally Grave.

This so simple people. Now Think about it. George has a big heart we all agree with that. Pilgrims landed in America, They then started a commuity. In this community everyone had to work & many had to be two or three idenities. Ex - A Sheif & a farmer & so on. then they recieved an equal amount of food that harvest. Guess what? Yep there was crony capitalist even back then & took alot more than their fair share of the harvest. Just like now. I like & agree with some of Geoge's ideas but socialism is proven way not to achieve this goal nor is crony capitalism, but capitalism in it's true form has been proven to work time & time again. I sure am glad to be able to set you college educated girls straight.

Recognise the language learning needs of refugees and cater for it systematically and effectively.

I am a native English speaker and can and will teach refugees in order that they can communicate to integrate into my homeland having been forced by circumstances beyond their control to leave theirs.

The true way to help those that chose to flee from thier violent oppressors is to stop the violent oppressors. Leaving the oppressors to force people from thier homes will only extend the area from which one must flee. The ultimate outcome is the demise of everyone that was aside from the oppressors. The oppressors continue to grow, those that flee drain resources from those to which they fled, it's inevitable. The universal law of cause and effect. Men who have great aspirations to control others are small minded men with small vision and great internal fear.

Fair judgement isn't that which judges only the action but rather judge from the source that lead to action. In every conflict that lead to fighting or wars, there's always a source to such. therefore I suggest someone to judge conflicts makers and those who benefits from these conflicts. There's no fight of no profit. The EU should exercise such unexpected result and spend from the benefited recourses clandestinely stolen from these countries where they sowen wars for their greedy and economy growth and stability without careing how many innocent childrenes and commons citizens dies.

The EU should not be responsible for the Screw-ups of american foreign politics! They should take in all the refugees!!!! They should eat what they sowed !!!

Whether you want to see people drown near our borders or jot, we should give them a legal place as soon as possible otherwise they can not dream and work for future. They will stay illegal and having no insurance, begg and die on oir streets. We better let them develop themselves and our society, so that all these people pay taxes soon.

Saudie and other arab countries have plenty of money and areas to house refugees. Muslim countries need to take care of their own. Muslims do not want to integrate in the countries they invade. Yes, i called it invade. They want their hosts to mold their way of life to the muslim doctrine. When do they ever accept others customs or religion. Countries should send all back as their mother countries will be left in ruin and terror. They will never assimilate to the host country but will want to dominant.

I totally agree with you.
You can take a guy out of the Middle East, but you can’t take the Middle East out if the guy.
EU and Soros are trying to make Western Europe into a new Middle East.
One Middle East is more than enough.

This article fails absolutely to draw any distinction between refugees and economic migrants. It fails to look at how population projections in Sub-Saharan Africa are going to massively impact on the number of people seeking to resettle in Europe and how this will affect already overcrowded countries such as England. At a time when increased mechanisation and computerisation are forecast to reduce the number of jobs required in the UK by up to 20% over the next few years it is absolute madness to be seeking an open boarders policy.

George Soros is right: Europe (and indeed the world, as this is not a local problem but a global one) need a coherent and humane migrant resettling policy. Contrary to what people think, there is currently a slight dip in migration, but once climate change really kicks in, there may be waves of desperate people seeking refuge. Leaving aside the moral argument that developed countries have largely created the global warming problem and therefore have a responsibility to clean up the resulting mess, the main argument is a practical one. Either the West deals with immigrants in an orderly and just manner, or the consequences are likely to be dire. Adequate preparation is essential.

Outlaw religion and make the study of global history and philosophy mandatory so we stop repeating the same mistakes as humans. Or we'll never get there.

Soros assimilated into the British culture. Today, refugees do not want to learn new cultures and assimilate. They want to set of "mini countries" and refuse to accept changes in their lives. They want exceptions made for their cultural beliefs. Sorry. If they want to live in the EU or the U.S, etc. they must be willing to accept changes in cultures. They are living on the kindness of these countries' people. Instead of complaining about their host country "not understanding" and "not accepting them and their customs" they should learn some humility and be thankful they aren't stuck in their former homelands. It should also be a rule that any male ( or female not responsible for minor children) 18 and over should be immediately drafted into the military and returned to serve with NATO forces. The military of other countries should not provide their citizens to fight this should be MANDATORY for asylum and/or citizenship.

Reading George Soros' comments makes one realize how lucky we are to have voices that oppose his views.

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